KLM 141, 3min Light Switch

Upgrade your aircraft with a GOODBYE light for your convenience and safety with our KLM141 LIGHT SWITCH Controller!

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  • 3 min hold function
  • Permanent hold function if powered by GPU or aircraft generators
  • Enclosed in robust aluminium casing
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The KLM141 3 MIN LIGHT SWITCH is a control logic designed to provide a 3 min timer function. If the power is supplied by the aircraft generators or a ground power unit, the KLM141 holds the output indefinitely. If the power is supplied by the aircraft's battery, the KLM141 switches the lights off after 3 min. The 3 min logic is reset by the integrated logic once the aircraft is airborne and powered by its own generators.

Possible customer requirement:
When no ground power is connected to the aircraft, power is supplied to the EMS lights KLM155 &  KLM158 from the helicopter battery KME130. A timer switch automatically switches of the lights after 5 min.

The product meets aviation standards and requirements and is delivered with an EASA Form 1.
The applicable STC can be provided by us specifically for your aircraft type.

Configuration / Ordering Data

Part NumberTypeDescription
1034278.7KLM1413 minutes light timer logic


Additional Parts for installation:

QtyPart NumberDescription


Technical Specifications

Nominal Operating Input Voltage 28.00 V
Max Operating Voltage +32.2VDC
Nominal Operating Input Current 100 mA

Environmental Specifications according DO-160 / ED-14

Fire, Flammability DO-160G Section 26 Cat. C

Mechanical Dimensions

Weight of the unit 84.00 Gr
Weight of the unit including required installation materials (w/o wiring) 117.00 Gr
All dimensions [mm]
Mechanical Dimensions

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