KLM109 is a NVIS friendly green LED indication light designed for aeronautical application.
This aviation LED is designed to operate under a wide range of voltage from 5VDC to 32VDC. This makes it suitable for many purposes.

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  • 5VDC - 32VDC
  • 50mA
  • Peak Wavelength: 520nm
  • NVIS friendly
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The KLM109 LED GREEN 5VDC-32VDC NVIS is a small, NVIS friendly green LED indication light designed for aeronautical applications.
It operates under a wide voltage range from 5 - 32VDC, which makes it suitable for many purposes.

Application example
The KLM109 has been installed in numerous occasions in cockpits or on medical supply panels as LED indication light.

The product meets aviation standards and requirements and is delivered with an EASA Form 1.
The applicable approval can be provided by us specifically for your aircraft type

Configuration / Ordering Data

Part NumberTypeDescription
1823246-2KLM109LED GREEN 5VDC - 32VDC NVIS


Additional Parts for installation

QtyPart NumberDescription
2D-436-36MiniSeal Spleissverbinder ROT


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Technical Specification

Nominal Operating Input Current 50 mA
Min. Operating Temperature -15°C
Max. Operating Temperature +70°C
Wired cable length 25cm / 250mm

Mechanical Dimensions

Weight of the unit 6.00 Gr.
Weit of the unit including required installation materials (w/o Wiring) 6.00 Gr.
All dimensions (mm)
Mechanical Dimensions