KMI 104 Digital Indicator

The digital low power BUS Indicator, displays values in numerical and/or graphical format.

Monitoring, checking and, if necessary, correcting systems quickly and easily is crucial. Simple control, even in turbulent situations, is a minimum requirement that we meet with our KMI104 LOW POWER BUS INDICATOR.

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  • Monitoring of four 230VAC outlets
  • Load Shedding signals for external equipment
  • Integrated RCD with motor
  • Remote short circuit protection with our KPL117
  • 2 general purpose outputs
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The KMI104 DC LOW POWER BUS INDICATOR receives data on the CAN bus and displays them.

The displayed values are in numerical and/or graphical format. Dedicated alarm values for Hi and Low can be customer-defined. If the values exceed a predefined value the alarm will be triggered and the value displayed immediately on the KMI104. The product meets aviation standards and requirements and is delivered with an EASA Form 1. The applicable STC can be provided by us specifically for your aircraft type. 
On your request the KMI104 can be altered or adapted to your requirements.

Application example

The KMI104 is used on civil operated helicopters and aircraft where they display data from different pressure sensors. The KMI104 can be installed as display units for any sensor data, as monitoring device that sounds an alarm when a certain value is over- or undershot, or as a part of our EMS Modular Mission System (MMS).

Configuration / Ordering Data

Part NumberTypeDescription
1212911.25KMI104Low power bus indicator with two control switches

Additional Parts for installation:

QtyPart NumberDescription

Technical Specifications

Nominal Operating Input Voltage 28.00 V
Max Operating Voltage 32VDC / 259VAC
Nominal Operating Input Current 60 mA
Max Input Current 4.00 A

Environmental Specifications according DO-160 / ED-14

Emission of Radio Frequency Energy DO-160G Section 21 Cat. M
Fire, Flammability DO-160G Section 26 Cat. C

Mechanical Dimensions

Weight of the unit 735 Gr
Weight of the unit including required installation materials (w/o wiring) 831 Gr
Mechanical Dimensions

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