Solid State Load Switch 75A / 28VDC

28VDC Switch for aircraft electrical systems with currents up to 75A.

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  • +18 VDC to +32V DC control voltage
  • 28 VDC / 75 A load
  • Industrial standard footprint
  • Output transition time less than 5 ms
  • Max. Operating Temperature +70°C
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The Solid-State Load Switch is intended for use in 28VDC aircraft electrical systems and can switch currents up to 75A. It’s sealed between the base and top parts and the load terminals, allowing internal pressure equalization through a membrane at the bottom of the unit.

The SSLS meets aviation standards and requirements and is delivered with a COC or EASA Form 1 upon request.
The applicable approval can be provided by us specifically for your aircraft type.


Configuration / Ordering Data 

Part NumberTypeDescription
2110898.75SSLS28V Solid State Load Switch up to 75A

Technical Specifications

Nominal Control Voltage 18-32 VDC
Pick-Up Control Voltage 12-18 VDC
Drop-Out control Voltage 6-10 VDC
Continuous Load Voltage 0-32 VDC
Peak Load Voltage <10 s 60 VDC
continuous Load Current 75 A
Peak Current, 100 ms, 60 s recovery time 200 A
Repetitive Peak Current, 10 Hz, 50% duty cycle 100 A
Operational Temperature -55 - 70°C
Thermal fuse trip point 175°C

Environmental Specifications according DO-160 / ED-14

Temperature and Altitude DO-160G Section 4 Cat. D2
Temperature Variation DO-160G Section 5 Cat. B
Humidity DO-160G Section 6 Cat. B
Operational Shock and Crash Safety DO-160G Section 7 Cat. A
Vibration DO-160G Section 8 Cat. S (curve C)
Waterproofness DO-160G Section 10 Cat. Y
Sand and Dust DO-160G Section 12 Cat. S
Fungus Resistance DO-160G Section 13 Cat. F
Salt Spray DO-160G Section 14 Cat. S
Magnetic Effect DO-160G Section 15 Cat. C
Power Input DO-160G Section 16 Cat. B
Voltage Spike DO-160G Section 17 Cat. A
Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility - Power Inputs DO-160G Section 18 Cat. B
Induced Signal Susceptibility DO-160G Section 19 Cat. ZC
Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated and Conducted) DO-160G Section 20 Cat. RR
Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility DO-160G Section 22 Cat. A3 C3 XX
Electrostatic Discharge DO-160G Section 25 Cat. A
Fire, Flammability DO-160G Section 26 Cat. C

Mechanical Dimension

Weight of the Unit 56 Gr.
Mechanical  Dimension

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