About KUERZI Aviation

KUERZI Aviation LTD.

KUERZI Aviation is an EASA-approved design, production and maintenance organization including test flight priviliges and are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. 
We develop single components up to flight critical equipment to design assurance level A, and complex electrical systems including environmental testing (DO-160), software certification (DO-178C) and flight testing. Among others we deliver flight critical equipment which is installed in the PC-12 NGX.


KUERZI Aviation for Aircraft Manufacturers

Development of components and / or delivery of complete installation packages to enable efficient installation during aircraft production for example:

  • Flap Control Unit
  • Stall Protection Computer
  • AOA Computers
  • Dimming Units
  • External Power Control Unit
  • Landing Gear Control Unit

KUERZI Aviation for EMS/HEMS interior provider

With our dedicated EMS Multi Mission System, we offer a complete electrical multifunctional system. The System is build on a very high level of modularity which fits into every type of fixed-wing or rotor cabin of any size, to meet your needs.

KUERZI Aviation for EASA Design Organizations

Design calculations, simulations and development as required by the customer. The customer decides on their level of involvement. Our organization procedures and engineers adapt with ease to the host companies‘ procedures and standards.

KUERZI Aviation for EASA Maintenance Organizations

Development of EASA STCs and/or EASA Minor Change Approvals. Provision of data packages including own developed material and LRU's.

KUERZI Aviation for Dealers

KUERZI Aviation established a dealer program for our outstanding Products.