DOA Engineering


Development, Engineering and Design

Our skilled engineering team designs certificated systems including components from the bottom up to aircraft level, including environmental testing (DO-160), software certification (DO-178C) and flight testing.

Whether you need only one component or a complete system design, we deliver everything single-source. Our terms of approval include:

  • Large, small and very light rotorcraft (Part 27 / 29)
  • Large and small aeroplane (Part 23 / 25)
  • Gyroplane, Balloon, Airship, Sailplane

For this purpose our engineers use the latest CAD systems, draw up regulations, listings and manuals and implement everything using state-of-the-art materials for unparalleled safety and dependability.

For detailed information about scope and authorization download our EASA part 21 Design Organistaion Approval

Exclusive FLIGHT LAB for your next development program.

HB-PGM is our own P28-181 Kuerzi Aviation Part23 FLIGHT LAB. We offer our dedicated aircraft for your development project.
With our EASA DO / PO / MO and Flight Testing privileges, we are able to support you in every step. Customer requirements will be integrated into the required task and verified by KUERZI Aviation DO team in a very efficient way using bench testing, iron bird and our flight lab. Based on these activities, top level software and mechanical certification documentation will be delivered, so you will only have to cope with your specific air vehicle aspects.

Reduce your development risk and reduce your time to market with our development support. With this approach you can focus on your important tasks. You will have a solid basis to start your aircraft system certification work.


•    Avionic test equipment payload limitation 30kg
•    Dimension max. Wide 500 mm x Length 1000 mm x CG High max. 200 mm
•    Data bus communication with ARINC 429 GAMA Format 8 from GTN650
•    Data bus communication with ARINC 743a from GTN650

Competent Testpilot (CAT1) and Lead Flighttest engineers  are working for the Kuerzi avionics to professionally perform Flighttest.
The head of flight test is Rolf Beglinger, a Testpilot for fixed and rotary wing with more than 30 years of experience in the military and civil flight-testing as well as EASA expert Panel 1 (flighttest).

KUAV offers the Flight Testing services also to external organizations.

We would be happy to prepare an offer for your specific requirements.
Do not hesitate contacting us for more information.