KME 130 EMS safety battery

The EMS BATTERY provides battery power if no other aircraft power is available.

Every EMS mission to save lives is inevitably dependent on electricity. To operate oxygen devices, lights or heating a reliable Battery saves life. The KME130 provides backup battery power or works as a standalone battery for your mission system on your rotorcraft or aircraft.
Available with EASA Form1

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  • Battery Datas +24VDC / 2.4Ah
  • Wide operating range from +18VDC to +32VDC
  • 5A polyfuse
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The KME130 EMS BATTERY provides battery power if no other aircraft power is available. A single connector minimses
and simplifies system connections. The KME130 has an operating range of +18VDC to +32VDC and the battery cells are
protected against low voltage discharge and high current discharge.
When +28VDC is supplied to the KME130, the output is connected to the input (feedthrough) and the KME130 battery cells
are recharged. To reset the KME130 from a detected low voltage condition, a minimum recharging voltage of +25VDC is
required. The voltage, current and temperature of the charging cycle is constantly monitored.
The KME130 meets aviation standards and requirements and is delivered with an EASA Form 1.
The applicable approval can be provided by us specifically for your aircraft type.

Application example
The KME130 provides backup battery power for our EMS system on a number of different platforms.
The KME130 can also be installed as a standalone battery for your avionics system on your rotorcraft or aircraft..

Configuration / Ordering Data

Part NumberTypeDescription
1034278.6KME 130+24VDC/2.4Ah EMS battery

Additional Parts for installation:

QtyPart NumberDescription

Environmental Specifications according DO-160 / ED-14

Temperature and Altitude DO-160G Section 4.0 Cat. B1
Temperature Variation DO-160G Section 5.0 Cat B
Operational Shock and Crash Safety DO-160G Section 7.0 Cat. E
Vibration DO-160G Section 8.0 Cat. U2
Magnetic Effect DO160G Section 15.0 Cat. Z
Power Input DO160G Section 16.0 Cat. Z
Emission of Radio Frequency Energy DO-160G Section 21.0 Cat. M

Mechanical Dimensions

Weight of the unit 1.90 Kg
Weight of the unit including required installation materials (w/o wiring) 0.62 Kg
All dimensions [mm]
Mechanical Dimensions

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