BGH-12 Radio Control Unit

A Multi Application Interface Unit

The simple operation and the organized information display of the BGH-12 reduces pilot work load and increases flight Operation safety according to the international Flight rules: Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS). The unique display allows the Pilot to permanently monitor and operate three radios, the EuroNav data transmissions and messaging at the touch of a button.

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  • Control of 3 FM radios
  • Add received coordinates to EuroNav
  • Receive and send messages to base
  • Position reporting
  • SEL CAL function
  • Emergency call
  • USB port, RJ45 & RS232 interface
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  • Diagrams And Specifications
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The BGH-12 is a FM RADIO CONTROL UNIT. It controls up to three separate FM radios and connects them to the audio system of the rotorcraft. The channels of each radio are quickly selectable via a rotary pushbutton. The BGH-12 supports SELCAL. The SELCAL table can easily be transferred via the USB port and freely arranged according to favourite section, recent selcalls or in alphabetical order. The list can also be entered manually.
Text and data messages can also be sent and received via the BGH-12. Target coordinates can be received from a home-base and sent to the navigation system directly. With the connection of an external GPS source the aircraft's position can be tracked by the home-base via a continuously transmitted signal.

The BGH-12 unit features an aural signal for incoming calls, text messages and unsuccessful transmissions. An integrated emergency function is activated when the two emergency buttons are pushed simultaneously. This includes sending a distress SELCAL, a distress message and setting the position reporting interval to the highest rate.

The BGH-12 display is sun-readable and NVIS friendly. The robust buttons are designed to be operable with gloves. For ease of configuration and maintenance, the BGH-12 features a RJ45 and a RS232 service interface. The BGH-12 meets aviation standards and requirements and is delivered with an EASA Form 1. The applicable approval can be provided by us specifically for your aircraft type.

Aplication example

The BGH-12 is installed in the Swiss search and rescue helicopters (REGA) allowing them to permanently monitor and operate three radios, the EuroNav data transmissions and messaging at the touch of a button.
The system can also be laid out to your individual requirements and needs.

Configuration / Ordering Data

Part NumberTypeDescription
1111396.1BGH-12BGH-12 FM radio control unit for 3 FM radios, GPS tracking,

Additional Parts for installation:

QtyPart NumberDescription
1RD15M10000D-SUB, PIN, 15POL

Principle Diagram

Principle Diagram

Technical Specifications

Nominal Operating Input Voltage 28.00 V
Max Operating Voltage 36VDC
Min Operating Temperatre -55 C (see DO-160G Section 4 and 5)
Max Operating Temperatre +85 C
DO / ED Approval DO-160G, DO-170B
Pressure Limitation 25’000ft
Flammability Proven avionics material, no risk of fire

Environmental Specifications according DO-160 / ED-14

Temperature and Altitude DO-160G Section 4 Cat. B1
Temperature Variation DO-160G Section 5 Cat. C
Humidity Designed to Do-160G Section 6 Cat. A
Operational Shock and Crash Safety Designed to Do-160G Section 7 Cat. A
Vibration DO-160G Section 8 Cat.
Waterproofness Designed to Do-160G Section 10 Cat.
Magnetic Effect DO-160G Section 15 Cat.
Power Input Designed to Do-160G Section 16 Cat. B
Voltage Spike Designed to Do-160G Section 17 Cat. B
Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility - Power Inputs Designed to Do-160G Section 18 Cat. B
Induced Signal Susceptibility Designed to Do-160G Section 19 Cat. B
Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated and Conducted) Designed to Do-160G Section 20 Cat. S
Emission of Radio Frequency Energy DO-160G Section 21 Cat. M
Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility Designed to Do-160G Section 17 Cat. B3, D3
Electrostatic Discharge Designed to Do-160G Section 25 Cat. A
Fire, Flammability Designed to Do-160G Section 25 Cat. C

Mechanical Dimensions

Weight of the unit 1.30 Kg
Weight of the unit including required installation materials (w/o wiring) 1.76 Kg
All dimensions [mm]
Mechanical Dimensions

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